• Announcing the World Transit-Oriented Development Resource, a New Learning Platform

    The World Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Resource, an easily-accessible, web-based platform designed to educate policy-makers, planners and developers in the Global South about the benefits of TOD and equip them with tools for implementation, is now available to the public. Going beyond the traditional focus on urban design, the World TOD Resource includes a wide range of information about financing, institutional structures and practical implementation advice—in addition to design.

  • Beijing Hosts Third World Metropolitan Transport Development Forum

    On October 24 and 25, Beijing, China hosted the third World Metropolitan Transport Development Forum, which centered on urban transit integration, sustainability and innovation in cities. Mayors, transportation agencies, experts and scholars came from across the country, region and world to participate in the event. As a co-organizer, WRI hosted a session on Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and Transport Demand Management (TDM), which many authorities, academics and professionals attended.

  • Lessons for Africa: India’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Lab

    Like many African cities, Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia, is at the turnstile of urbanisation. Recognising the need to augment the existing inadequate public transport, authorities are considering implementing a bus rapid transit (BRT) system in the city. In the first week of October, a 13-member high-level delegation from Addis Ababa visited India with the aim of learning from similar projects in Indian cities.

  • WRI Welcomes the Adoption of the New Urban Agenda

    QUITO, ECUADOR (October 20, 2016)—Leaders from 167 countries today adopted the New Urban Agenda, the blueprint for creating sustainable, livable cities around the world.

    Following is a statement from Ani Dasupta, Global Director, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities:


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